Monday, February 3, 2014

How to build corporate partners, sponsors and champions for your book or cause

How to build corporate partners, sponsors and champions for your book, project or cause

What if you could have other businesses pay for your book tour?

What if you found other businesses to be part of your cause?
What if a business purchased your books or products in bulk for charitable organizations and people in need?

What if your book tour didn’t cost you a cent?

One of the things I LOVE talking about is building a circle of corporate champions, partners and sponsors.... the last 20 minutes of this show I talk about my favorite tips on this very topic!   

My six favorite tips for building a circle of champions and corporate partners are to:
1)      Build relationships. Relationships are key!
2)      Community clearly, often and purposefully.
3)      ASK for what you need. People don’t know how to help you if you don’t ask.
4)      Follow up, keep commitments.
5)      Recognize partners and sponsors in meaningful ways.
6)      Exceed expectations.

Here are a few tips for presenting your concept or project to a potential sponsor or partner:
-        Have  clear concept
-        Be excited and passionate
-        Practice your sound bytes
-        Look for the reciprocity
-        Do your research
-        Plan and have a process

Need help on building your circle of corporate partners, champions and sponsors for your book, your tour or events?   

Contact our office to inquire about 1:1 mentoring with Charmaine or if you prefer the DIY approach, check out our program here:

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