Thursday, April 11, 2013

Use Video to Engage Members of the Media

Today’s Blog is a guest post by  Lisa Elia

Lisa Elia- PR Expert and Media Trainer

Videos are extremely important because members of the media (especially TV producers) need to see how you will come across on camera before they will book you for an interview. Increasingly, print media outlets are now including videos on their websites, to correlate to their print articles. Members of the media frequently search YouTube and Google for experts to interview and products to feature. So, if you want to attract the media and keep them interested in you or your company, video is crucial.

If you are an expert, create videos of yourself sharing valuable tips or information, or demonstrating what you do. If you create products, you can also share tips, but be sure to create at least one video that shows the products in use. Be sure that the lighting, audio and video quality is adequate for the media. You can lose the attention of the media quickly if your videos look too unprofessional or if they are difficult to watch.
Host your videos on your website so that you lead people back to your site to view them. For purposes of media pitching, it’s best to host at least some of your videos in an online press room on your website. You can also post your videos in the videos section of your Facebook page and other social media accounts, and share them in your feeds.

Include links to videos in the body of your press releases so that when they are published, readers can view the videos to gain information, be entertained or see something else that is useful, educational and/or entertaining. Also include links to videos of you/your products in your email pitches to the media so they can get an immediate sense of you and/or your products.

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