Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What’s Your Leadership GPS?

 How do you navigate through the role of leadership?  Part of being a leader, not only in business, but also in life, is knowing how to move through, around and over the different obstacles that challenge leadership.


Leadership is more than a title or a position on an organizational chart.
Leadership is a way of being, how you show up, and the actions that inspire and encourage others to follow.

A leader’s GPS involves:

-        Goals

-        People and Processes, and,

-        Systems


Leadership goals fall into three levels:
1) Goals for the organization,
2) Goals for the Leader, and,
3) Goals for the Team.
Goals are essential as they serve as the navigational point or destination for the team. Leaders then map out the plan and lead the team through, around and over any challenges that arise.

Leaders need people to lead. Engaging the people on the team,and tuning up the team will help ensure that the team members are empowered to demonstrate leadership in their work and role.

Your Leadership GPS is about how you manage goals, people and processes, and systems in the team. As you move forward into 2013, how can you encourages others to build their Leadership GPS?


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