Friday, March 29, 2013

Creating Wildfire around your business and message

Teresade Grosbois knows how to create a wildfire.

 It takes a spark, wind and fuel.  Teresa describes the wind as the powerful relationships that you create. The spark is the problem you solve and the relationships fuel the fire.   

Networking smarter and with influential people is important to business success, although you must know the rules of the game. You cannot just go and ASK people for some big ask without having a relationship with the person.  Teresa describes this as the premature ask. For example, A new neighbor moves in on your street and comes over and asks to borrow your lawnmower. Having never met the new neighbor, that might feel odd, awkward and a big ask having just met this person.  Instead Teresa points out, if the new neighbor came over with a pie, there would some good gossip going on, and the basis of a relationship forming.   This is a good example of giving before asking.

Teresa de Grosbois is a professional speaker and three times best selling author, she knows what it takes to turn word of mouth marketing to epidemic levels. She is also the chair of the Evolutionary Business Council.  She started off with a big vision and contemplated the “what ifs” and “whys” behind her vision. Businesses and leaders can do the same thing. 

Create a big vision, and seek out the internal champions and change agents on the team. Strong leaders know when and how to engage champions, and when to release some of the control to let the team succeed.  

In terms of contacts and business relationships, more is not necessarily better. In fact, a handful of deep, trusting relationships is far better than a lengthy list of contacts who need to be reminded who you are when you contact them. Coming from a place of collaboration is very different than a place of competition.  Teresa gave several examples of this on the interview, and reminded listeners that their biggest competitor could be their strongest ally. 

You can listen to Teresa talk about networking, creating a word of mouth epidemic around your business and message, and how to build relationships with influencers at:

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