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Today's blog is a guest post from my friend Karen Russo, I know you will love this.

Karen Russo 

Your Money Map: Create your Financial Life 
with Spirituality, Beliefs and Habits!

The Money Map is a snapshot of the inner and outer aspects of your financial life. As a financially and spiritually sophisticated individual you can see in the Money Map—and feel in your heart—the interconnectedness of spirituality, life purpose and money.

Money Map by Karen Russo

There you are, the figure in the center of the Map. On the bottom left, you’ll see the box labeled ‘What’s So.’ That represents the facts, circumstances and outer results of your money life up until now. When you are both compassionate and accurate about What’s So, you’ll be easily able to accept your money results and simultaneously bring your attention to the upper right corner, ‘What’s Possible Now’. That doorway is opening up to the big ‘why’ of your wealth building, the vision of your financially prosperous life, the qualities that pull you forward in your journey.
The journey of your money life is not traveling through time and space from point A to point B; it’s more like the evolution of who you are revealing the qualities, vision and possibilities that are already latent within you. That’s why you’ll see the three areas of you occurring ‘between’ What’s So and What’s Possible Now.
Your Money Map is a framework for everything you will need for being, doing and having what you want in your inner and outer financial life. The link is you...your spirituality, belief and habits, as well as the partner and the people with whom you choose to share your money life.

Spirituality. In spirituality, we see the trap of scarcity represented by the desert island, and the key question to ask is, “What reality am I serving?” The area of spirituality is organized around the principle of the Law of Unity. The practices to grow spirituality are gratitude, meditation, inspiration and visioning. The result of cultivating an uplifting spirituality around money is peace.
Beliefs. In beliefs, we see the trap of superstition represented by the jail cell, and the key question to ask is, ‘What game am I playing?” The area of beliefs is focused around the principle of the Law of Cause and Effect. The practices to strengthen beliefs are inquiry, healing and co-creation. The outcome of developing mentally empowering and emotionally involving money beliefs is freedom.
Habits. In habits, we see the trap of survival represented by the quicksand, and the key question to ask is, “How am I growing?” The area of habits is connected to the principle of the Law of Circulation. The practices to build conscious habits are blessing, serving, spiritual giving, managing the money flow, and wealth expansion plan. Engaging in conscious financial habits leads to the realization of infinite possibility.
In an ever-expanding universe, there are always more aspects of our inner nature and capacities to be revealed. If there are things in your money life that aren’t working, know that you have the power to change your experience through your spirituality, beliefs and habits. The possibilities of spiritual inspiration, mental empowerment, emotional balance and conscious actions in your money life are limitless, no matter what the circumstances of your life are. I encourage you to dream big about the peace of mind, sense of freedom and experience of possibility available to you.

Biography for Karen Russo
Karen Russo is Your Spiritual Guide in Wealth Creation and the award-winning author of The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom and Real Financial Power, endorsed by her teachers Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Katherine Woodward Thomas and T. Harv Eker.
Karen shares insights from her wisdom gained as an MBA from Columbia University, an accomplished corporate trainer, top-selling salesperson, and an ordained interfaith minister.   Get your ‘Escaping the Money Traps’ book chapter, audio guide and 3 lessons at
  Your Money Map: Create Your Financial Life With Spirituality, Beliefs And Habits!    Page 2,, 877 249 0194,

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