Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Nothing is done TO you. Everything is done FOR you."

Does this viewpoint change anything? 

Does it change everything?

I interviewed Farhana Dhalla,  author of beautiful book: Thank You For Leaving Me.

 These were rich conversations!

In an earlier career I was a dispute resolution expert, and separation and divorce mediator, helping hundreds of couples separate peacefully, minimize conflict so as not to further impact children, re-define their new roles as parents and to establish parenting plans that were collaborative and in the best interests of the children.

During my interview with Farhana she mentioned that she had "witnesses" to every action she took, every word she spoke, and how she managed every emotion she felt.


Her book is so incredibly authentic and transformational.

You can listen to our discussions here:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/charmainehammond/2012/11/13/thank-you-for-leaving-me-with-author-farhana-dhalla

We also explored the process of being an author, getting a book written, and then releasing it.... for the world to see.

Farhana  shared her journey of being a writer, the process she used to write her book, how writing the book became life changing for her, and what she discovered about herself, through the process of writing.

Discover what Farhana means when she says “This is a journey of contradictions… and somewhere in the contradictions, lies the truth. This is a raw truth book about taking 100% responsibility. As long as I was blaming him, I would not be free. I would remain victim unless I took responsibility for what I had co-created.”

So many authors struggle with fear (of writing the book, being exposed, marketing, selling, media, to name a few), and Farhana shared how she coped when the fear popped up. We also enjoyed the conversation about "pressing send" the process of releasing the book to the publisher, printer and world.

Losing your voice in the process of writing is another challenge that many writers face, Farhana included. At one point in the writing process, she had to put a stake in the ground and reclaim her voice, and the vision for her book.

Some tips:

- know your vision for your book, keep your voice and hire the right team
- work through the fear so it doesn't block your ability to share your work, your story, your inspiration with the world
- write to a specific audience, know who your reader is
- allow yourself to be part of the journey......

For more information on Farhana and her wildly popular new book Thank You For Leaving Me, visit http://thankyouforleavingme.com

You can listen to the show here:


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