Monday, November 26, 2012

Have You Checked Your Rearview Mirror Lately?

Have You Checked Your Rearview Mirror Lately?

You have probably heard the saying that “Hindsight is 20/20”. You always learn from where you have been if you take the time to consciously look at how your day went and where you may have improved. Foresight is worth its weight in gold. If you plan with intention to learn from your mistakes you can improve your relationships, career, family dynamics and even your health. 


Where you are right now is all a matter of the daily choices you have made to bring you to where you are right now. In order to change, you need to examine your daily habits and track what you wish to improve. Tracking helps you to identify areas that are working well and even those that are not working so well. You may even notice there are some choices you need to stop making because of the results you are getting. You will continue to get the results you’re getting if your actions do not change. 

Lasting change often occurs with small shifts in behaviors, actions, and even habits. Every choice you make should be followed with, “Is this choice supporting my goal?” If the answer is no, replace the behaviour with something that will support your goal – purposeful actions. When you continue to do this, you will always have actions that support your goals.

Take time to reflect on each day to see identify if there was an area that you may have improved or taken action. Do not spend too much time focusing on the past as you cannot move forward while looking back. Why not learn and more forward so you can celebrate your journey?

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