Thursday, November 22, 2012

Getting Motivated…Staying Motivated!

GPS Your Best Life-
By  Charmaine Hammond & Debra Kasowski

Sometimes getting motivated is not the challenge.  Staying motivated is the work.  If you have experienced this, you are not alone.  Motivation is often hindered by self-limiting behaviors or habits.  Staying motivated is one of the most defining factors that separates high achievers from those who are less productive, and is an important step to Get Positioned for Success.  

A few consistent steps go a long way in the journey to living your best life. Begin by creating daily goals and move into action by taking steps that will help you achieve these goals. One way to practice mini goals and tiny action steps is to change up your some of your daily routines by trying the following:
  • Take a different route to work or your fitness class. 
  • Read a book that is outside of your typical reading genre. 
  • Change up your weekend schedule.  

While these changes may not seem overly significant, a small adjustment in your routines and behaviors can result in surprisingly big results. 

Need some more tips on staying motivated?

1.       Keep an IMA- inspired mental attitude.  Your mindset and attitude are essential ingredients in motivation.  When you associate with likeminded and positive people, your IMA increases. You will feel energized and want to work toward your goals.

2.       Seek ways to make a difference- at home, at work, in your community!  When you strive to help, support, and give to others, you set the ball in motion to receive.  Look for opportunities to pay it forward. Give of yourself first!

3.       Health - Eat a healthy breakfast.  Be more conscientious of the foods you choose. Exercise for strength and tone.  Ensure that you get enough sleep every night.  When you physically take care of your body, your mind works more effectively and you will feel more physical energy to take the steps to maintain motivation. 

4.       Focus on gratitude. Celebrate successes. Keep track of your strengths, talents, and accomplishments. Write down what you are grateful for each day. Creating your journey along life’s highway involves gratitude, gifting and giving.

5.       Schedule some “Me” Time. Listen to your favorite music. Clear your mind by spending some time gardening. Visit a friend. Go for a picnic in the park. Value you the time you take for yourself.

6.       Know what revs your engine.  When you are aware of your internal motivators and what revs your engine, you can seek out situations and people to support you!  As well, know what exhausts your energy and motivation and either complete those tasks/responsibilities first, or better yet, avoid them if you can. 

7.       Release the brakes and Get Unstuck! When you are feeling stuck, or like you are spinning the wheels, it is difficult to get and stay motivated.  Simply choose one task to do, or one step to take.  No matter how small the step, you are moving forward and that is what counts! 

8.       Celebrate your wins.  Take time to notice and validate your wins, improvements, growth and success. Share your success with others. Your wins may motivate someone else in shifting to drive to create their best life.

What will you do today to be motivated?

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