Monday, October 8, 2012

Can't think of what to write...and you are on deadline?

Writer’s Block? On your 19th draft of your report that is due in 15 minutes?  Preparing a presentation and you can't get past the opening? Can’t seem to get past ‘go’ with getting reviews for your book? Which editor to choose? Traditional Publishing vs. Digital? Someone else is writing the same topic, why should I bother? How do I get my story to stand out in the crowd? How do I make money from my book?

These questions often get in the way of author’s taking time to write their book, and develop their marketing plan, and it happens all the time in business.  Fear can get in the way of creativity. 

Here are some tips to overcome writer’s block and author procrastination from author Elaine Edelson:

- Carve out time every day to write. If you are not inspired to write, use that time to do something related to your book (marketing idea, research, etc).

- Play music. Elaine plays music from the eras of her book or from the countries that are in her books.

- Have a vision for your book- you can’t get to the finish line, if you don’t know where the finish line is.

- Have a team to support you

- Write for yourself first

Listen to more of Elaine’s fantastic tips to overcome selling block on our radio interview with Your Book as a Business Radio:

Elaine Edelson is a best selling author, member of the Evolutionary Business Council, an Intuitive Channel, Astrologer, Empath and #1 Amazon Author who can help you to answer the big questions about writing and marketing your book. You can find Elaine at
 and   You can access a resource to help you work through writer’s blocks and fears.

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