Monday, October 29, 2012

Bounce Forward When Life Happens!

Life Happens!

How many times have you heard this?  Sometimes people become paralyzed by life's challenges, roadblocks and testing moments.  In fact, in my career as a professional speaker, trainer and former mediator, I have met many people who are stuck...stuck in a job they want to leave, stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere, stuck in an old conflict, stuck in drama from the past.... the list goes on.  Being resilient is what I define as Bouncing Forward. 

Recently I had the opportunity to talk about resilience, bouncing forward and moving forward after life's challenges, on The Feminine Soul Radio Show.  The host Vanessa and I talked about how to bounce forward. Some tips I offered included:

- celebrating successes
- setting clear goals (in business and in life) and creating actions that take you closer to the goal
- managing stress on a daily basis
- making resilience a conscious and daily choice
- making your moments in life matter....really matter
- communicating with others, and working through conflicts and issues
- and to ask for help.

These are all described in detail in my book Bounce Forward (available through

You can listen to the show here and hear a number of other tips to bounce forward after life's challenges.

I also had the opportunity to talk about my new book, co-authored with Debra Kasowski, GPS Your Best Life- Charting Your Destination & Getting There in Style. In this book we talk about creating your best life, getting CLEAR on what rev's your engine, how to navigate around obstacles and detours, how to map your personal plan for success, and what to do when you achieve your goals, or arrive at your destination. 

As you get ready to set your goals for 2013, take time to:
- write them down
- review the goals regularly
- create an action plan and daily habits
- share your goals with others so they can be a champion for you
and of course... celebrate your success!

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