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An Accidental Pre-pave by Vikki MacKinnon

Having your end goal or intended outcome in mind is an important element of business success.  The global change agents, successful business owners and leaders that I admire all seem to be exquisite at creating their vision or intention, and knowing their "why".  Today's guest post is by Vikki MacKinnon, author and speaker and focuses on setting expectations, intentions and clear visions in the workplace.

An Accidental Pre-pave by Vikki MacKinnon

On January of 2009, I met a lovely lady named Elisabeth Fayt. Elisabeth is a Calgary based businesswoman. She is the author of an inspiring book called Paving it Forward, and has been featured in The Opus, which is the sequel to the movie The Secret.

She teaches the Law of Attraction, and specifically a technique called “Pre-pave”. Prepaving is something we do when we set our intentions and make (hopefully) positive statements about our preferred outcomes for everything. Like many of you, I have been setting intentions and expectations for years, especially when there is a major event or a new initiative underway; but having read Elisabeth’s book, and become aware of a name and a few simple directions for using this valuable tool, it has been that much more effective in my life… even when I least expect it.

In February of 2009, I was in Ottawa to present a workshop.. I pre-paved a successful event and of course it turned out to be a positive and uplifting experience for all of us. In fact the whole four day trip was brilliant.

Vikki MacKinnon

For the few weeks before I left, several of my friends and acquaintances were remarking that I would be in Ottawa at the same time as President Obama.

My tongue-in-cheek reply was always “Oh yes I know. We’re meeting for coffee at the Byward Market.” Well, that Thursday afternoon I was just finishing my coffee at the Byward CafĂ© when several police cruisers pulled up, helicopters began flying overhead, and the motorcade appeared.

Of course at this point I was out of my seat like everyone else. I went to the main door of the historic brick market building and was the fourth person in line when President Obama walked in and started shaking hands. He said “Hello” and shook my hand and I said “Hello, Welcome to Canada”, to which he replied “Thank you so much”.

I thought about Elisabeth, and also about how I’d been joking that I would meet Barack Obama at the market place. Wow! It began to be abundantly clear that even jokes are pre-paves!!

As always it is also abundantly clear that the Universe is completely responsive to our expectations in life.

What special moments and wonderful opportunities are you pre-paving?

Vikki MacKinnon is a master numerologist and co-founder of The International Academy of Numerology. She can be reached by e-mail at   Vikki MacKinnon has thirty years experience as a teacher and a numerologist, and a lifetime of interest in healing and spirituality. She has completed graduate level work in self-esteem and emotional intelligence, and is also a Reiki master. Vikki has prepared numerology profiles for clients in Canada, the US, Britain, and Japan. She teaches numerology courses in North America, and also taught aspiring numerologists in Tokyo between 2008 and 2010.   “As a numerologist, my goal is to help people gain greater understanding of themselves, their potential, their relationships, and their journey, and to give them a greater sense of authentic personal power. I strive to show all of my students and clients that numerology represents ancient wisdom and spirituality, but it has practical, down to earth applications for all of us in our modern society.”  Her new book, Please Take A Number was just released. (see below)

 Elisabeth Fayt is a business woman, author, and motivational speaker. Visit her website,

Vikki MacKinnon's new book:

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