Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Success in Business- the mastermind way!

How would your team, business, leadership and success be different if you had the opportunity to mastermind with a small group of committed collaborators?

Cheri Ruskus is an expert in masterminds, and is an author, Speaker, Business Coach, and Small Business Expert. Her entrepreneurial advocacy goes back to when she started her first business at the age of 28. Since that time she started and sold several successful and sustainable businesses along her way – one of them for 16 years. Eleven years ago she became a Business Coach and in 2006 founded the Victory Circles, Master Mind Forums and Business Coaching Programs for women entrepreneurs. Cheri has just finished her second book Victory One Moment at a Time - Unlocking the Power of the Master Mind. She is also the host of a weekly radio show, The Victory Circles Radio Hour, which brings together business experts from across the globe. You can learn more about the Cheri, her organization, her books and radio show at

I had the pleasure of interviewing Cheri on my Conversations with Charnaine Radio Show
and she shared some valuable tips to help leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs take their success to new and long lasting levels.

A Mastermind is simply defined as a group of like minded individuals who come together to exchange ideas, share influence and support one another in reaching their goals. Masterminds are designed to be a safe place to be honest, and put business challenges on the table to gain support in moving beyond them.

Cheri Ruskus developed a powerful acronym to help understand the power and benefits of a mastermind:

M- make each moment matter through mastery

A- Accountability

S- Support and be supported

T- Tend to the 12 principles of success

E- Effortless communication

R- Results driven planning

M- Migration of ideas

I- Intensify intentions

N- Nurture and grow

D- Define and design goals

The principles of success that Cheri references are from Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success and include: passion, self confidence, self control, leadership, imagination, unique and pleasing personality, concentration and focus, cooperation, accurate thinking, profit from failure/turning points, and the process of giving and receiving.  You can listen to Cheri’s incredible wisdom here:

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