Monday, July 16, 2012

Business Productivity At It’s Best

Do you ever find that the day can pass by and at the end of the work day you are scratching your head wondering” “what the heck did I get done? Where did this day go?” Sometimes we work hard but not necessarily smart.

What do you do to create productivity at its best in your work? Recently I was reading a newsletter from Mary Ellen Tribby, she puts out a great deal of information to help business owners and professionals who work from home. Hope her productivity tips are helpful to you when working from home:

1. Don’t work in your pajamas- people can tell by your voice.

2. Create your list for the work day the night before.

3. Use an alarm clock (I use a timer for a lot of my tasks, otherwise time flies by. I hear this all the time from professionals especially related to social media. I would highly recommend timing yourself when on social media.

4. Schedule meetings or calls in the afternoon so that you can do your most important tasks in the morning free of distraction and when your energy is high

5. Take breaks and a mid day break can really help improve performance and keep energy high.

6. Reconcile your To Do list at the end of the day. Tribby suggests if you got 75% done it was a good day, if not you will need to look at your habits actions and where you spend your day as your are not in control of your business or, you are setting extremely unrealistic priorities and plans

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  1. My company has recently expanded like crazy and lists like this ( as basic as they may be) can be helpful. If you have a list written down with all the tasks you need to take care of then it eliminates the time of you figuring out what needs to be done next. My company also as hired a call center outsourcing service to help with the demand of phone calls that we have been receiving. At first, my managers were nervous about doing this, but the staff there have been trained to know everything about our company. It is almost as if they work for us with all the knowledge they have which is great when they are dealing and helping out our customers.

  2. Thanks Alex for the comments, so appreciate your feedback.
    Charmaine Hammond

  3. You're welcome Charmaine! I love reading blogs and giving my input! Do you by any chance have a twitter page I could follow ?

  4. Hi Alex, it is

    Thank you!

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