Monday, May 7, 2012

Are you taking your laughter seriously?

Pragito Dove is an author, speaker and laughter meditation expert. I met Pragito through the Evolutionary Business Council,, of which we are both members.  She is an expert in helping people learn to remain calm, relaxed and confident even in the midst of chaos...what an essential business and success skill.  In fact, what a great life skill.

Pragito Dove- Meditation Master, Author, Speaker
and Laughter Meditation Expert

"Are you taking your laughter seriously?" asked Pragito during our conversation. This question was intriguing... I had never considered taking laughter seriously. Pragito explained the importance of laughter in reducing stress, increasing creativity, and bringing a state of calm into our lives. Laughter releases stress from the body, mind, and heart thus allowing people to relax, the key is to practice laughter every day, even just for a few minutes. This will help build this calm state of being (the result of laughter and stress reduction) become part of our internal coping system.

When Pragito described the calm state of being and meditation much like an anchor I was most intrigued, because sailing and being near water is a state of calm for me.  She said it is like dropping an anchor into the water, the anchor drops to the depths of the water where it is calm, even when on the surface there could be raging waves. "Meditation is our own anchor" described Pragito.

Just like anchors keep boats in one place, even in a storm,
we can create our own anchor by learning to quiet our mind amidst the chaos.

There are other benefits of laughter. It can change your state of mind. For example, Pragito stated that a person can not be negative and worried, and be laughing at the same time. And you cannot think and laugh at the same time. Laughter quiets the mind.... a quality that many people struggle to find in their busy, hectic day.  And, laughter unleashes creativity and helps with relationships, all a great benefit for the workplace and business.

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