Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shifting Forward....

My colleague, Beverly Flaxington, is an amazing author, an accomplished consultant, a hypnotherapist and a personal and career coach, and all around amazing person. She has a new book that just came out that I want to share with you. I met Bev through the Evolutionary Business Council and was very much inspired by the work she is doing with corporations to help them with the many different facets of issues that they face and to help them communicate more effectively.

Bev stated that her professional career has been devoted to trying to figure out ways to help people move to higher levels of effectiveness. She has been a corporate consultant for 17 years. An Executive Coach but then, along with that she had a hypnotherapy practice. She went and got certified as a behavioural expert and used tools to help people understand what will help them move forward and move to the next level.

Bev created a process that she called SHIFT and trademarked it because it’s got 5 specific steps. Her new book is called Make Your Shift – The 5 most powerful moves you can make to get where you want to go. So, what Bev did was take everything she learned over the last 20 + years working with individuals, personally and professionally, and seeing, those places where people tend to get stuck and what’s that information that we need that helps us to move to the next level. It’s a process that Bev has seen work over and over again.

As Bev indicated in an interview I had with her, these are busy times. She added “We have our personal lives, our business lives; we’re all very well intentioned. They start the morning thinking this is what I’m going to accomplish today but then, somebody will get to the end of the day, the end of the week, the end of the year and they will say that they didn’t do half the things done that they wanted to do. So, I just felt that I need to give people a way to break through this so they don’t have to change their life, you know, do things so differently, but in the midst of what they’re already doing they can figure out ways to move something that matters to them forward”.

Bev advised that change is part of the shift process. People often say things like “I’m just going to make this change”, or “We’re just going to mandate this”, or “We’re just going to put this in place” . But, as Bev indicates, there are always some obstacles, there’s something that gets in our way and makes it more difficult for us to do, and again, no matter how good intentioned we are. Bev reminds us to look at the human element.

One other topic that I’m really enjoying reading about in Bev’s book is the importance of developing criteria when you’re doing brainstorming or when engaged in idea generation activities. how businesses really need to focus more on criteria and understanding the problem better so that the solutions just start to unfold and your book really said that very clearly.

This is a great book to help you move forward and make the changes to take you where YOU want to go.

Bev’s corporate website is www.b-collaborative.com and her website http://www.understandingotherpeople.com/.

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