Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Power of ONE

Have you ever found that it can be a challenge to focus on just one interruptions of thought, just focus on one thing? It can be difficult, especially in our busy and quickly changing world. One step towards your goal, better health, improved relationships, resilience or communication is far better than no step at all. The power of one could include ONE:
  • Idea
  • Question
  • ASK
  • Action
  • Person
  • Success
  • Word
  • Opportunity
Never underesitmate that ONE can make a BIG difference.

Imagine you are on, or lead, a team of twenty members. What would it be like if each person came into work tomorrow simply focusing on the concept of action that would make a difference. One act of encouragement that would inspire others. One degree of extra effort to communicate effectively. On e act of kindness that would create a chain reaction of kindness. One action towards a specific project. One phone call that markets and promotes the business. The results would be significant.

And, what if tomorrow, each person took one specific step towards a company goal. The result would be twenty actions towards the company meeting that goal. In reality that could be more intentional steps toward success and corporate goals than the team had taken in a month!

Think what that ONE step each day could mean for 2012. You have a whole brand new year ahead of you and it just takes ONE step at a time to make it great! As you begin your day, focus on the ONE act that will make the difference, and see what happens.

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