Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tips to Dye For

Tabitha Takes Over is a reality television show that features salon expert Tabitha working with struggling salons to give them a makeover. She is focused on business success, owner commitment, customer satisfaction, memorable service and professionalism in the industry. Though Tabitha has concentrated her attention on the salon industry, the truth is, no matter what field of business you are in, these matter!

While I must confess I don't normally watch this show, something Tabitha said as I was flipping channels caught my attention immediately. To the salon owner Tabitha stated something like, "if your business does not look professional, chances are your approach and team won't be professional". This particular salon was dated, unkept, disorganized, lacked efficient systems and proper equipment, had no apparent leader when the owner was absent, and lacked standards of performance...and it showed in the team's approach to customer service. Immediately, Tabitha worked with the owner to improve her personal commitment to the business and, as the owner's commitment grew, so did the employees'. The business also received a makeover - new paint, new lighting and furniture. The employees were excited about their freshened work space and their pride showed, they cared about their environment. Tabitha helped the owner set standards about employee dress, performance and customer service expecatations. The employees appreciated this clarity! Customers appreciated the new levels of service.

Here are some questions to consider as you move forward into a new year...and hopefully an incredibly successful year:

  • How is your customer service?
  • Do you know the quality of service?
  • Are you investing in your business?
  • Who takes over when you are not there?
  • What personal habits are negatively impacting your business...and your family?
  • How do you show your commitment to the team, business and customers?
Happy New Year! Can't wait to share 2012 and all of its successes, lessons and rewards with you!

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