Monday, December 12, 2011

Here Comes the Pitch...

So often in meetings we are approached by people that come on so strong with their elevator pitches. A few short sentences that answer who you are, what problem you solve and your business is all you really need to present. Sometimes people work so hard on coming up with something so exciting and catchy that the listener has absolutely no idea what you do. Often they won't ask for clarification because they are so overwhelmed by the pitch. So, what happens is that you are left meeting someone who has no clue what you do.

I have heard hundreds, if not thousands, of elevator pitches, and the ones that resonate for me are the ones I can remember the person's name and what they do, what their business is and what problems they solve. Keep it simple and concise. Too much information combined with too much emotion can often create confusing situations. If people don't understand who you are and what your business is they will never think to call you after the meeting, even if they do need your help, because they won't recognize that you can help.

It is also important to be passionate about what you do. Be sure not to be overwhelming though. Confidence, clarity and desire or excitement are enough to show that you love your business and how you help others. This is another great opportunity to practice with friends and colleagues, and in front of the mirror.

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