Monday, November 14, 2011

Success Opens Doors

Success can be a real door opener! Think for a moment about the different successes you or your business has experienced over the past year. What doors have been opened as a result of the success? What doors have you been more confident to open yourself because of the success?

Are you tracking and celebrating your successes? If not, start right now! Quickly, get a pen and paper and write down the answers to the above questions. When I facilitate team building and strategic planning sessions in businesses and organizations, one of the activities is about tracking successes; the team brainstorms the success and accomplishments over the previous year. This always proves to be a positive experience because often the small successes are never acknowledged, and this gives them a stage. Also, in teams it is common that successes are not known across the entire team so this becomes somewhat of an education. This activity also provides opportunity for team members to be acknowledged and to acknowledge one another's accomplishments.

As 2011 begins to wind down and you gear up for 2012, take some time to acknowledge and track (record) the successes and the doors that have been opened as a result of the accomplishments. This may well help you in the year to come.

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