Monday, January 3, 2011

Purposeful and Intentional Living and being

The alarm goes off, another day begins. You go to work, you finish work. Stop to do errands on the way. Maybe hit the gym. Enjoy some time with friends or family. Catch up on emails, and watch your favourite TV program. Get ready for bed. Hit the sack. Then start all over again. Sound familiar?
Sometimes we get stuck in our routine or the wave of life without being overly intentional and purposeful. Getting more intentional about life and work can really put a bounce in your step.
The following are a few questions to consider when exploring how to get the passion, purpose and intention back:
- What puts a smile on your face or makes you happy?
- What is easy to do?
- What sparks your innovation?
- What would you do for free if you could?
- What do you enjoy talking about
- What stops you from being fearful?
- What would you regret not doing if you didn’t do it?

These three steps will help move you into intentional action today:

1) Make a decision that you will be more intentional and purposeful. Actions begin with a decision that something is going to be different. Want to make your decision even more powerful? Write your decision down, and then tell someone else. When you share your decision with someone else it turns the decision into a commitment as well.
2) Three steps a day- each day pursue three activities or action steps that move you into more intentional and purposeful work.
3) Notice- be aware of the changes you begin to see with yourself and in how others are reacting and responding to you.

Getting more purposeful allows you to find greater meaning in your work, and this is especially helpful with the tasks that matter most and are mostly avoided.

Until next time, let’s make it a great week!

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