Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How do you pay it forward?

My favorite movies were The Bucket List and Pay It Forward. The Bucket List is a movie about getting clear on what you would like to accomplish in your life. I have a bucket list and always add to it, and was surprised to see just how much I have accomplished from my bucket list. The movie Pay It Forward is one of my all time favorite movies, the message of paying kindness forward is such a big part of my life, and business. How do you recognize the generosity and kindness of others? How do you share your talents and skills with others?
About a year ago I read a fantastic book by Elizabeth Fayt, called Paving it Forward. In her book Elizabeth offers a number of practical strategies and tips to change our thinking, and to pave new paths to success. What was so helpful to me in her book were the affirmations Elizabeth created for various areas of one’s life- business, health, daily routines, effectiveness etc. Even a year later I have referred to Elizabeth’s tips, strategies and affirmations a number of times to keep me on track.
What are you doing to Pay it Forward to reciprocate kindness? How do set your intention for the day? When you set a positive intention, what is the result?

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