Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting more of what you want

It’s not enough to simply want more from life or business. Like this person in the photo, we must firmly plant our feet on what we want to achieve, set a plan to get there and then celebrate once you have arrived.

No more “oughts”. Often people spend time thinking (and saying) “someone ought to do this!” Instead, reframe this to “I WILL do this”. This powerful transition of statement fosters commitment (and accountability). When people on a team say “someone ought to do that” or “someone should have done that”, respond with a question: “why do you think that?”, “why is that so important to you?”, “what do you think prevented him/her from doing that?”. These questions encourage participation in the solution, instead of in the blame.

Work on YOU first. People expend a lot of energy trying to change others. Instead, focus on what you can change about yourself. Your world is a reflection of your thinking, behaviors and responses. Make a list of your strengths. Explore what you can do to be stronger because when you are stronger, so are your successes.

Clarity: Zoom in and get super clear on what it is you want. Develop an action plan; consider who you need to ask for help. When you are clear, the path is clear.

Action- take intentional steps: Go from dreaming to doing by taking intentional steps in the right direction (towards your goals). Pay close attention to how you spend your time, do you spend time moving towards your goals? What are the tasks that you find yourself avoiding or procrastinating?

Celebrate your success, accomplishments and the little steps you take along the way that help you reach your goals. And, acknowledge those who help and support you!

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