Saturday, March 6, 2010

Boosting Resilience through Office Efficiency

The more organized, clutter free and chaos free our lives, the more our resilience factor is boosted. Living and working with disorganization not only impairs effectiveness but it can also reduce our resilience factor. Sherry Borsheim, co-author of “Conquer your Chaos…fast forward to office efficiency” provides valuable tips to maximize time management and deal with the challenge of paper, paper and more paper! She suggests getting focused for success and reminds us that 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts.

Through my work, I have noticed that individuals who are resilient, who bounce forward™ beyond conflict, chaos, challenge and adversity, are individuals who have found systems to organize themselves, and keep on top of the competing priorities.

Some approaches to start and end your day in a way that fosters resilience and focuses on success:

Start your day by:

· Review your calendar for the day, before you begin your day

· Identify the 5 BIG MUSTS (5 tasks you must accomplish) and tackle those first

· Clear out your emails (and use email file folders)

End your day by:

· Reviewing your day (and what is on for the following day)

· Clearing your desk so you return to a clear desk

· Acknowledge what you completed

What will you focus on today for your success?

Bounce Forward™ with Charmaine Hammond, Building Resilient & Inspired Teams.

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