Monday, March 1, 2010

The ASK that makes a difference

One common challenge I see in business and in teams is the difficulty of the ASK (ask for help, ask for feedback, ask for support, ask the important questions). The ASK is an essential communication skill, however is frequently avoided. Not asking can leave employees feeling isolated, and can also impact effective and necessary communication. Over the years, I have learned the importance of ASKing, and have discovered that there are certain qualities to the ASK.

The ASK that makes the difference:

· Is Authentic

· Takes you out of your comfort zone but feels right

· Involves a benefit for the other person

· Is character changing and future building

· Takes courage

· Requires clarity

· Comes from the heart

The benefits of The ASK:

· When others know your vision, passion and goals, champions step forward to help and support you

· If you do ASK and the answer is no, you are now worse off than before you ASKED

· When you ASK, you discover that anything really IS possible

· When you ASK you often find a way to give back

· The ASK opens doors that were otherwise closed

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